The Mark (Part 2) – Possible Candidates

In the introduction of this study we briefly looked at the basic foundation of the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast regardless of what form it arrives as, it is ultimately a rejection of Christ and your ticket for a one way trip to eternal damnation; no refunds or returns are accepted. Outside of this, I believe we as Christians should work towards being watchful and praying during the end times which means staying vigilante in all areas and keeping a 100% committed relationship with Jesus Christ. Along with this, I believe it is our duty to share anything we find or see during these times while having the ultimate goal of ministering and witnessing to those around us in hopes of leading individuals to salvation. That being said, part two and on will begin the deep descent into studying areas of the mark of the beast which contain less of a foundation and more with connecting dots with spiritual guidance. Everything mentioned now will be more of a “theory” in relation to the mark.

At the end of part one of the study I briefly introduced two possible forms that the mark could take on; one being a symbol of some sort or a computer chip of some kind. To start this study “dig” off, I will first bring out what I have found out with symbols on this matter. Hold on, this dig is going to get deep!


A symbol is something more than just a unique shape. Symbols always are used to represent something, provide a “signature,” or even tell a message. Symbols have been used for a long time to pass along messages and can even contain two or meanings underlying in what it is representing. Symbols are not always depicted as an image or shape but sometimes something unseen connecting a reason of relationship or association. Ironically a symbol is even defined as an authoritative summary of faith or doctrine.[define ref., 1]

The first symbol we can look at is the phrase “the mark of the beast” in itself through symbolism. Here we can truly understand the relationship of those being “marked” with the beast.

  • mark (sign, indication) –
    • a conspicuous object serving as a guide
    • an impression (as a scratch, a scar, or stain) made on something, distinguishing trait or quality
    • a symbol used for identification or indication of ownership
    • a lasting or strong impression
  • beast
    • an animal, especially a wild animal that is large, dangerous, or unusual
    • an unkind or cruel person
    • a four-footed mammal as distinguished from a human being, a lower vertebrate, and an invertebrate (*make note of this definition for later)
    • a contemptible person
    • something formidably difficult to control or deal with

Let’s pull these definitions together and make some connections. We can see that a mark [define ref., 2] is something conspicuous (stands out, unusual) that serves as a guide. This “guide” can be passion as an impression or something more distinguishing like a symbol of ID and/or ownership which has a very long-lasting effect. This mark, will be the mark of a beast [define ref., 3]. A beast that is large, dangerous and unusual (ironically just like the mark itself). We know based from the bible this beast is a person, the anti-Christ. This person will be unkind, cruel, difficult to control and very hard to deal with. In a nutshell, these two definitions combined tells us this mark will be a lasting impression which will be used for our identification and establish the antichrist’s ownership of those who accept it.

Okay, digging deeper. The symbolic meaning of the word beast in the bible can also mean the government [link ref., 4]

Aleister Crowley’s Mark of the Beast

For actual symbols there are several candidates that could be in association with the actual mark mentioned in Revelations. The first, is literally titled “Mark of the Beast” pictured below.

Mark of the Beast

Seal of Babalon

The first symbol is a creation from Aleister Crowley who was heavy into ritual magick. Crowley was a known Satanist/occultist who was involved in many mystic religions and had influence among such areas as well [link ref., 5]. The symbol above, is obviously geared to symbolize the male which can be understood by his phrase of “Do what thou wilt.” This symbol functioned, in part has his seal also had play in his “To mega Therion,” (The Great Beast). Below, is how it was often paired with the Seal of Babalon in representation of male and female [link ref. 6]. Crowley’s symbol contains at least two nested symbols; the alchemy symbol of gold (or the astrological symbol for the sun)[link ref., 7] and the alchemy symbol of silver (or astrological crescent moon)[link ref., 8] depicted below.

Gold / Sun

Silver / Moon

The Mark of the Illuminati

Moving on to another symbol candidate we find from a claimed official Illuminati website ( a symbol just called, “The Mark of Illuminati.” This is a more modern symbol and, in theory, probably a greater chance than the one created from Aleister Crowley. This symbol is shown

From their own descriptions, the symbol has four nested symbols within the one being; the pyramid, the light, the eye, and the eternal. Looking at the online book of the symbol signs more emphasis on just it being titled “The Mark.” Here is the link for this online book of symbols, Where, to them, the pyramid stands for life’s journey ascending above where only few reach the top. The light represents an unnamed higher power and guidance. The eye is always watching, sees all and knows all. The circle behind the pyramid is called the eternal where it represents the life of Illuminati to stand forever.

This symbol contains very old symbols within it; the All Seeing Eye (a.k.a the Eye of Horus), the Equilateral Triangle or even the Triangle of Art which will be looked at next.

The All Seeing Eye (Eye of Horus)

All Seeing Eye on back of dollar bill.

Eye of Horus


This eye symbol has a lot of context behind it. We can find it on the back of every one dollar bill, used in the freemasons, obviously in the Illuminati, in Buddhism, from Mexico’s shaman known as the Deer eye, and in alchemy to name a few. Going back to Egyptian mythology states that there was a battle with Horus and another god called Set where Horus’ right eye was torn out. This eye was believed to possess healing and protective powers. Ironically, the symbol was divided into six sections each representing one of the six senses (sound, sight, touch, taste, hearing, and the according to the Egyptians was thought [link ref., 9]) [link ref., 10].

Already we have some connections to the antichrist and the number six. The connection to the antichrist here is a biblical reference that targets both false leaders and the main antichrist (anything of the antichrist spirit).

Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened. [Zec. 11:16 KJV]

This symbol is also titled the ‘Eye of Providence’ where they state that this is the eye of God watching over us. Do not be misguided on this! In Freemasonry, they are the ones who define this as the eye of God [link ref., 11]. The bible clearly defines the establishment of any secret society as not in the will of our true God Almighty.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them For it is a shame even to speak of those thing which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. [Eph. 5:11-13 KJV]

The Equilateral Triangle

In math, for those who have taken geometry one would know the equilateral triangle to be a triangle which has all sides equal and all the angles of the triangle to be equal as well. No big deal, right? The shape itself is harmless if you go no farther than the general basics. However, this shape is very meaningful in the occult world. The symbol is incorporated within witchcraft, scientology, masonry, alchemy, magick, hermetic, and kabbalistic uses [link ref., 12]. You can even find the symbol as the fourth character in the Greek alphabet known as delta. This derives from the Phoenician and Hebrew daleth meaning ‘door’ [link ref., 13].

In the occult world we can find the triangle used in several things, two which I will bring out is the hexagram and pentagram. The hexagram is the 6 pointed start made by two overlapping equilateral triangles pointed in different directions. With the pentagram, is the 5 pointed star can be turned in fashion to resemble the shape of the goat head or Baphomet. The five points are said to represent the four elements (fire, water, earth, and wind/air) along with the fifth to represent the spirit/spiritual being or deity [link ref, 14].

The most peculiar aspect of the equilateral triangle is found within its geometry. As stated before and obvious in the naming of the specific triangle, everything is equal in the triangle. When looking at the measurement of its internal angles each measures at 60 degrees. Granted each angle it is not 6 where it would be an obvious 6 6 6 but still hints at the number when you drop the zeros [link ref, 15].


Equilateral Triangle

Now since this peculiar evidence is nothing more than being very odd in how it is so close but yet so far away could be hinting for a deeper dig into the connection of the equilateral triangle and 666. In mathematics there are specific sets of numbers labeled as triangular numbers. In the most basic definition, a triangular number is a number that can produce a triangular dot pattern. The best way this is understood is seen in the setup of bowling pins where the number 10 is classified as a triangular number. Several examples can be seen below:

Triangular Numbers

Triangular Numbers

Based on the illustrated example we can see that these specific numbers produce an equilateral triangle. The big connection here is that the number 666 is a triangular number as well having three sides of 36 shown in the next depiction [link ref, 16].

On the discovery of this image, it is very remarkable how it resembles the Egyptian pyramids. Interestingly there is more behind the number but will not cover that in this study.



The next possible candidates for the mark, is within the technology side of things. On a daily basis we can see how rapidly technology is evolving with new breakthroughs happening frequently. Almost everything now is computerized in some form and the new development of what is called IOT (Internet of Things) we can get a picture of how everything is forming into one giant “organism.” We will now plunge into an area where I always been personally interested; technology.


The VeriChip is the most commonly known candidate of the mark of the beast. VeriChip Corporation no longer exists under that name but now is known as PositiveID Corporation. Clear evidence of this information can be found by visiting the company’s website and under Investors, then under Quarterly Results during 2009 you can view the first quarter report which displays the company as VeriChip [link ref, 17]. Under partners you find how much power this company has when these partners are the D.O.D., D.H.S., N.A.S.A., and the U.S. S.O.C.

With just a little more digging another company exists called VeriTeQ Corporation. The connection here is that (as of this writing) the former CEO of PositiveID is now the CEO of VeriTeq; Scott R. Silverman. One other company to mention which Silverman was involved in was Digital Angel Corp now known as Destron Fearing Corporation. All these companies are specialized in RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) where Destron Fearing is a global leader on animal identification [link ref, 18]. Links to the corporations are listed here:

In 2004 the VeriChip was passed by the FDA to be allowed as a class two (special controls) implantable device for humans used as “Patient Identification and Health Information.” The document goes on to state that, “[this] is a device intended to enable access to secure patient identification and corresponding health information. This system may include a passive implanted transponder, insterter, and scanner. The implanted transponder is used to only store a unique electronic identification code that is read by the scanner. The identification code is used to access patient identity and corresponding health information stored in a database.” This document is known as the FR Doc 04-27077 [link ref, 19].

MC10’s BioStamp

The BioStamp from MC10 is just one of many chip forms which is placed on the surface of the skin instead of in the skin. The BioStamp system altogether is called the BioStampRC (BioStamp Research Connect) which is considered the first research system designed for the human body. The BioStamp itself is a sensor which monitors all kinds of different areas of the body for different data research. The second part of the system is the Investigator Portal which simply allows data to be viewed or downloaded. The third part is the Investigator Application for tablets which is used to execute certain studies telling which BioStamp sensors to do what with the ability to see the data in live viewing. This also allows the data to be shared from the web portal allowing studies to be conducted and even have all the data backed up and served from a cloud storage [link ref, 20].


To look at each of these “candidates” as the only things able to lead to the actual mark of the beast would be creating tunnel vision on the entire concept. These of which I have chosen individually represent a classification of what has been looked at according to the bible verses before where we seen the possibility of it being a marking (symbol/tattoo), an implanted chip, or a chip planted on the surface of the skin. I want to clarify again that these possibilities are not to say that only one is possible but a varying combination of them could be the result or even all combined into one could be the result. Out of what I have study so far with researching for this part, I am strongly convinced that a form of technology will play part in the mark. In part three, the possibilities of technology in many forms will be looked at and how a the concept of all classifications could be formed in whole.