Three Sequential Dreams

Below are three dreams that I experienced all in one night. They will be ordered in that of which I had received them.

Fallen “Angels”

I was in a bus or a very large similar vehicle traveling with many people through what seemed like a city. The front of the bus seemed to be one of which had the giant flat windshields where you could easily see out. I was sitting on the right-side almost in the complete front looking out into the sky in front of the vehicle. The sky appeared that a storm was fixing to take place. A very large storm cloud had formed in the sky. It was one single cloud, tall and very dark. The cloud was far away from the city but still took up the majority of the sky in which I was looking at.

Out of the cloud, within a blink of an eye, a hand full of objects appeared in front of this storm cloud as though they were falling or in a dive. The sun was still out a little producing a golden orange reflection off the top of the objects. As they got closer, I was able to make them out a bit more.  By their appearance, the objects reminded me of angels having wings. By that moment, I was astounded in the scene and pulled my phone out to take a picture! I took the picture and began to talk about a situation that I heard somewhere else which had a similar occurrence. I never did understand whether that story was true or not but it was apparent of it being so now.

While having conversation, I had lost track of the “angels” and could not find them anywhere in sight… Shortly, after trying to look for them, a couple of bird-like creatures flew up in front of the bus! I was not certain if these were what I just witnessed falling from the sky. These creatures where slightly wider than that of half the windshield (counting wingspan) and for height was almost the same. They seemed to have legs of human likeness and arms but did not have similar heads. Their faces could not be clearly made out and their bodies appeared as a washed out almost faint bright yellow color. Within only in the seconds they had appeared the creatures slammed their bodies against the windshield of the bus shattering the window rapidly while people screamed! Two or three hits were experience and it felt as though we were all at their mercy…

Storm Clouds

I was sitting in a small four-door sedan in a parking lot. The weather seemed to be just a bit rainy with maybe a drizzle as I was waiting for my pastor to pull up. We had a trip scheduled to go somewhere which seemed to be out-of-town. He arrive only a minute or two later pulling up and parking close to where the I was. We both opened our doors and got out of the vehicles to meet up and greet each other. Before we were able to talk, I notice the sky had and unusual presence and appearance. A thunderstorm was brewing  yet creating cloud formations never seen before as one giant formation circling in around us. The center was normal as like an eye of a hurricane. Lightning bolts flickered here and there all around us from the clouds while light echos of thunder could be heard in every direction.

To one far end of the parking, among many other small buildings, was one that was maybe three stories tall. This building stood out just a little more than the others due to its height and having a horizontal sign that produced a purple light. As I looked at the building I was able to see another part of the storm included a lower fog-like formation below the encompassing clouds. This fog reduced the visibility by maybe a third as such similar to a thick mist. I could see that the fog was moving closer towards us and effortlessly covered the building with the purple light. Immediately in reaction to the fog, the light on the sign went out! It was evident that the fog prevented electricity from being produced once it contained that certain item.

At this time, I started telling my pastor about a dream that I had a while back. This dream was that of a group of “angels” attacking a bus in which I was in. We quickly came to conclusion of canceling our trip out-of-town due to the fact that things were getting worse around us. We both started back towards our own vehicles. In my walk back, got out the phone and called my wife to see how close she was to getting here and if everything was ok. When I was positioned beside the front passenger’s window I seen my three year-old son crying in terror sensing something is wrong. My wife then pulled up beside the car…

In the Brink

A huge explosion boomed out behind me from a bus! The large vehicle was on its side in the road along with other crumpled debris. I turned to try to make it back to the bus in hopes of finding a backpack I brought with me which contained survival/emergency items, a.k.a. a bug out bag. I was able to get a little closer to the wreckage but soon understood I would not be able to find nor retrieve anything from the mess. From out of sight a group of people came out and captured the people who remained alive from the explosion including myself. It was very unclear how this happened.

Time appeared to fast forward to an apocalyptic scene of us being held in a towering building. The building was without a top, having to cover to the top floor or what was now the top floor which we were on. The perspective was as though I was looking down into the room seeing everyone sitting on the dirty floor beside some old metal-framed beds just having old spring mattresses. I could see that there was also a couple of individuals who seemed to have control over the situation working at some prep work. They were fixing to force a tattoo on us that was a symbol of a circle around a skinny diamond shape. They also had this symbol on their shirts. Instantly from a nearby building, which was much taller than the one we were at, a man had leaned out of a windows revealing his top half and holding a rifle! It was a sniper! The single second that he was exposed, he managed to crack a shot off hitting one of the abductors and killing them! As the shot rang out, everyone tried to get cover behind the metal-framed beds…

As given, this is the order in which I had these three dreams. I feel that the events of the dreams follow in this chronological order:

  1. Storm Clouds
  2. Fallen “Angels”
  3. In the Brink