The Swing Set

It was a location of a lush green island covered for the most part with trees. I was on my way down following a path on the island. The path left a clearing of the island that contained shelters of decent size made from bamboo and grass roofs used for homes. The path that I continued down leed me to pass along side a red, brick school. The side of the school that was close to the path happened to include a basketball court with a chain-linked fence around its perimeter. People were on the court playing basketball as I passed on along. As I passed on by, I over heard the coach talking about God to the players.

All of a sudden people from the clearing on the island were screaming in horror! Many people started to run towards the clearing. I quickly made my way back up the path to arrive at the scene. To my awe, when I arrived, I beheld the sight of terror which everyone was horrified over. My sight fell upon a swing set which had children sitting in the swings. The children, for the moment, still contained their natural bodied shapes but was completely charred black! As I watched, their ashes disintegrated, scattering through the air…