Satan and His Control


One of the most common subjects that is rare to be preached, studied, or even talked about anymore is that of Hell. Everyone tries to just skip over the subject or quickly mention of it. This subject is equally part of the bible as the rest of God’s word and therefore should equally be studied upon. Many may be frightened by the subject but a true Christian should not be when there is a heaven to gain. Why be afraid of something that, if you are true, would never be a part of? My only response would be that maybe there needs to be a better relationship with God.

This study will be dedicated to the topic of Satan, what he controls, how he works, about the second death, and more. As a Christian we should not use being a ‘Christian’ only to avoid the second death but truly as a sincere relationship with Christ our Lord and Saviour. The avoidance of the second death is just one of many great rewards promised through our commitment with Him. Also, using ‘scare tactics’ may trigger one to be truly afraid of the second death (any natural human would be), however, scarring individuals towards Christ through this subject doesn’t provide them enough spiritual food to stay committed. When the Holy Ghost is involved and frightens the soul, that is different than an individual trying to use emotional fright.

  1. History of Satan
  2. Satan’s Angels
  3. Demonic Activity (work in progress)