Small Figure

The room was a dingy shade of grey. The walls and floors were a grungy feature yet nothing else but flat, bare and empty. Concrete stairs led the way down following the edge of two of the walls. The stairs lowered into the darker part of the empty room. It appeared to be some industrial basement no longer in use.

Upon investigating the room, I discovered a small human-like creature lying in the floor. The figure was small enough for me to hold it in the palm of my hand. This figure of a creature was not clothed and revealed it entirety the nakedness of a blonde woman. Something, however, was very off and unusual. Beside the female reproductive organ was also the male’s reproductive organ. Nonetheless, this creature was pregnant! This creature then gave birth to that of a smaller replica of itself. The “baby” was able to be placed on the tip of my index finger. After witnessing the bizarre event, I came to realize during the birthing process that no blood was ever produce, as though the creatures did not contain it within themselves. The smaller version of itself was covered in a clear gel-like substance.