A Silver Revolver

I found myself standing across a road accompanied by three younger boys. One was older (almost my age of around twenty or so) yet the other two were quite a bit younger. The area was quite wooded but nothing extremely dense. Across to the other side of the road, in front of us, was an older two-story farm house. At the driveway two kids were standing; a girl being the older and her younger brother.

An older modeled green, two-door car drove up into their driveway. The expression on the girl’s face seemed to change from to something of confusion yet frightened as well. She asked silently but distress, “Daddy?” At that moment two people got out of the vehicle. From the driver’s side, was a man smoking a cigar in his mouth and, from the passenger’s side, a woman with short hair. As soon as the people emerged from the car the brother and sister darted into the house.

The three boys and I pulled out handguns and chased after the two people, from the car, who went into the house. As we entered the house we split up hoping to find them more quickly. Unfortunately, I was the witness of seeing each of the youngers boys, who were with me, get capture one at a time. I hid in a room between an open door and the wall peering through the crack. I saw the man enter the room. I jumped out landing behind a couch continuing to hide. When the time was right, I popped around approximately two feet away from him. I shot him almost point blank directly in his chest.

I heard the gun fire a bullet but somehow the man was unaffected. No evidence was given that a bullet even grazed his clothing! He was not wounded at all! After my attempt of trying to shoot this man resulting in failure, there it was. I found myself staring down the barrel of a silver revolver…