The Mountain Peak

The location was a remote mountain in a tropical environment where every area was covered in luscious green vegetation. On the top, at the peak, the luscious green plants still covered the ground while here and there patches of a light grey rock seeped through the greenery. There were, however, no trees here. All of a sudden it started to rain. It was a hard downpour but nothing even slightly being destructive. Shortly after the rain started, it also started “raining” something like nuts. As these so-called nuts rained from the sky, when they hit the ground they would pop open revealing something like a seed similar in appearance of the inside of a walnut.

I then noticed a flat area of grass with a long flat object lying across it. This object seemed to be of one solid gold strip containing a blue stripe continually following down the center within it. I could not see where it started for it seemed continuous in that direction. The long object did have a tip to it which was pointed in a triangular fashion. I looked closely at it and noticed the object grow slow in length the direction it pointed. Also, I was able to see some Hebrew character/symbol directly in the center of its tip. I was strongly impressed upon of how short of time was left remaining before the return of Jesus Christ!