The Mark (Part 3) – Technological Abilities


As we all should be aware, technology is growing and changing rapidly on an almost daily basis. From my personal understanding and experience through working in Information Technology, technology can be a great thing and it can also be a terrible thing. Two examples of communication can shed light on the pros and cons of this. The first example is before the cell phones, where people had only land lines connected to a phone that was wired to a receiver. One advantage of this was during this era, people were not distracted by cell phones and we didn’t have to worry about accidents happening from drivers texting. However on the flip side, the disadvantage then was that if one had an accident where traffic flow was almost non-existent the individual was either stuck for a very long time or had to walk maybe miles for the next telephone. Now that cell phones exist, which have mostly evolved to smart phones, we have direct communication across the globe to anyone and any company. We don’t have to worry about walking for miles and can simply wait in the vehicle for help to arrive. One downside to this amazing technology is, as mentioned before, it is a distraction. This is where some stop and do not look any deeper.

Technology experts and more so Information Security experts look a bit deeper into the surface of this. Concern in more about privacy and the information that which is valuable to a thief is reasonably secured from being stolen or accessed. As the technology advances, so does the “security” of things in general. In truth with security, however, nothing is 100% secure. As the saying goes, if there is a will there is a way. Now the part of what really matters for the subject of the mark of the beast, another perspective has to be viewed. As stated before, technology is an amazing thing boasting in very many positive achievements however a few similarities are becoming more common. These similarities are: the decrease in size of everything, being more reliant of Internet, and ultimately security in the sense of being able to validate one’s identity.

In summary for the introduction of this page, in my personal view, I believe that nothing is the mark of the beast until it comes to the time of its personal arrival and I do not feel technology should be shunned as something evil while is not something to be worshipped either.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is defined as a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. In a nutshell everything is moving towards a network connection where every ‘thing’ is (whether in concept or already produced) connect to the web. Speaking of the word web, is it not ironic that this is the term used which is also known as a tool which a spider creates to catch its prey; a trap that cannot be escaped once caught. Regardless of the term, IoT is growing in hopes of monitoring and tracking everything for information gather. Obviously this development of IoT does provide many benefits and would be very useful as the below video demonstrates:

However, aside from the benefits, look at the bigger picture. One object collecting information is not such a great threat but just think of everything you own uploading all kinds of information into one pool. In the aspect of the beast system where all must receive the mark, IoT is the sure way to quickly and accurately have information ready for an individual to be located and determine whether or not they have the mark. A good video that demonstrates this “beast network” is available here:

For the mark of the beast and it’s relationship with IoT, the possibility is that it would be able to first track you and two be sending all kinds of information out to the “beast network.”

RFID Technology

RFID or radio frequency identification is a fastly growing and very popular technology in the use of tracking items for businesses. Most of these chips are known as RFID tags and the most common when it comes to the mark is what is known as the VeriChip. One thing to understand is the different types of RFID chips being either passive or active. Passive is a chip which does not do anything until activated by being scanned with an RFID scanner. Active chips as described, is constantly active. If the RFID technology was used in the mark of the beast system and also if it was used to gather information constantly there is another variable in the way things work. This variable is the range at which a RFID chip can be scanned. Since these devices operate under radio frequencies, different frequencies have different ranges. Now to understand what must be in place per type of frequency for communication to be established here is a list of the different ranges at which are available:

  • Low frequency passive – max scan range 1 foot
  • High frequency passive – max scan range 4 foot 11 inches
  • Ultra high frequency passive – max scan range up to 162 feet
  • Ultra high frequency active – max scan range 1,500 feet
  • Super high frequency active – max scan range 325 feet