Are We Having Fun Yet?

 photo AreWeHavingFunYet_zpsc0442482.jpg


  • Card from basic INWO Card Deck – Dated April 18, 1995
  • Common Card
  • Plot Card
  • Artist – Dan Smith
  • Coloring – Rick Harris

Alignment: N/A

Attribute: Requires Action

Suspect Triangle Location(s):

  • Anarchy symbol on scalp

Within this imagery of the card, we can already see a few interesting things. The first is that being the anarchy symbol on the guy’s scalp.

Above we cam see the symbol commonly used to represent anarchy; the Circle-A as one way of describing it. The two pieces actually consist of obviously the letter A and not as obvious the letter O. A represents anarchy while the letter O represents order forming the whole meaning of “Anarchy is the mother of Order” which also is the first part of a Proudhon quotation.

Proudhon (Pierre-Joseph Proudhon) was a French politician and founder of mutulist philosophy. He was the first to declare himself an anarchist. Here is what seems to be the original quote behind the symbol:

The Republic is a positive anarchy. It is neither liberty subjected to order, as in the constitutional monarchy, nor liberty imprisoned in order, as the Provisional Government intends. It is liberty delivered from all its shackles: superstition, prejudice, sophistry, stock-jobbing, authority. It is reciprocal liberty, and not the liberty which restricts; liberty, not the daughter of order, but the MOTHER of order.


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