photo Apathy_zps607fe201.jpg


  • Card from INWO Assassins Card Deck – Dated January 6, 1996
  • NWO Red Rare

Suspect Triangle Location(s):

  • Possibilities including:
    • formed by triangle at bottom of center man’s jacket
    • by triangle in woman’s hair.


To start off, the simple definition of the apathy means lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

In a nutshell this pretty much sums up the way general society is and how everything is progressing in the world. Rather than be concerned what is going on around them they are all just focused on self; almost a brainwashed state in itself.

Looking at the first sentence one the card we find what is suppose to be a funny joke stating: “The number one problem in the world today is apathy, but who cares?” The joke in itself is talking about apathy but then shows it at the same time. So being concerned about the biggest problem the world seems to be facing of not caring about much of anything, well is played off (by the card anyways) as nothing to be concerned about. How ironic. Just like the metaphor of a frog in water… just keep slowly making the water hotter..

A little more digging and with word origin we find that apathy dating in 1600s meant “freedom of suffering” or more so even “without feeling, without suffering or having suffered.”

Within looking at gematria, we find these results:

  • English value = 426
  • Jewish = 570
  • Simple Gematria = 71

Anagram results conclude:

  • Path Ay
  • Path Ya = Pathya  –  an integral, diet regimen, part of ayurveda (science of life and longevity) treatment
  • Phat Ay
  • Phat Ya
  • Hat Yap
  • Hat Pay
  • Hay Apt
  • Hay Pat
  • Hay Tap
  • A Pa Thy

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