Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing photo AnythingWorthDoingIsWorthOverdoing_zps008f4829.jpg


  • Card from INWO Assassins Card Deck – Dated January 6, 1996
  • Common Card
  • Plot Card
  • Alignment: Zap!
  • Attribute: Requires Illuminati Action

Suspect Triangle Location(s):

  • Right side of the nose

The origin of this phrase seems to come from Mick Jagger (Sir Michael Phillip Jagger) the lead singer and co-founder of the Rolling Stones.

The title of the card seems also be found in a movie titled ‘Lone Survivor’ mentioned in a speech from Navy SEAL officer Shane E. Patton. The movie portrays the historical military operation was known as Operation Red Wings or Battle of Abbas Ghar related to the war in Afghanistan. Shane was one part of the teams to fight against the Taliban and Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. This speech is also referred to as what is called the ‘Ballad of the Frogman’ which is a somewhat random poem that, in a nutshell, boosts moral and sends the message of not giving up, failure is not an option, and doing the best one possibly can.

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