Anti-Nuclear Activists

 photo Anti-NuclearActivists_zpse94ada40.jpg


  • Card from basic INWO Card Deck – Dated April 18, 1995
  • Common Card
  • Group
  • Artist is Dan Smith
  • Coloring from Derek Pearcy
  • Alignment: Liberal
  • Attribute: Green

Suspect Triangle Location(s):

  • Look in the upper right corner, just above the top edge of the fence, just to the right of the top of the reactor. The symbol is light purple with a light orange eye

The anti-nuclear activists derive from the Anti-Nuclear Movement which really started to peak with protests around the 1970s and 1980s. The anti-nuclear movement consists of approximately 80 anti-nuclear groups that oppose of anything related with nuclear technology/science which includes nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and uranium mining. Below are some of the more known individuals who are anti-nuclear:

  • Al Gore
  • Amory Lovins
  • Joseph Romm
  • Randall Forsberg
  • Christopher Flavin

More on this movement can be found here: Anti-Nuclear Movement – Wikipedia


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