photo Angst_zpsfaca74ae.jpg


  • Card from basic INWO Card Deck – Dated April 18, 1995
  • Rare Card
  • Plot Card
  • Artist is Dan Smith
  • Coloring from Derek Pearcy
  • Alignment: N/A
  • Attribute: Requires Illuminati and Special Actions

Suspect Triangle Location(s):

  • Leftmost light forms eye in black triangle

Angst, is a word that describes the deep feeling of dread or anxiety where something is unclear on a condition, place, thing, or even the world in whole where something really bad may happen. Now, look at the image that is displayed on the card. We can clearly see the man is feeling deep dread while seen looking at a katana (Japanese sword). This may be suggesting suicide or murder, the inability to perform a requested action from a higher authority person thus fixing to receive punishment, or instruction to perform an action he is not comfortable with. When looking at some of the text below the image, it gets a little more interesting where it says the leaders of a targeted group are finding life boring and meaningless. Look back at the image closely. What is behind the man who, according to the text, is a leader of a group/organization? It may take a while to notice, but the black shade in the background forms a triangle and what would be the all-seeing-eye is a glowing light/orb. This represents the Illuminati obviously and even more so, Satan. Nothing good can ever come from either of these sources. Either, case being positioned behind him kinda pulls of the idea that they are leaning over his shoulder whispering thoughts into his head. Nonetheless, we can see that at the bottom of the card it does clearly state that this requires the Illuminati and “special actions.”

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