Angel’s Feather

 photo AngelsFeather_zps455fd46e.jpg


  • Card from basic INWO Card Deck – Dated April 18, 1995
  • Common Card
  • Resource (Group)
  • Artist is Shea Ryan
  • Coloring from Jeff Koke
  • Alignment: N/A
  • Attribute: Unique Magic Artifact

Suspect Triangle Location(s):

  • Shea Ryan’s signature

Not much has been obtained from this yet but here is what a bit of research finds. Card games and computer games such as World of Warcraft seem to associate an angel’s feather as obviously, just like this card, a magical artifact. This seems to be more related to magic and spells. Here are some interesting pieces of text associate with one card game that may provide more insight behind this.

  • The angel represents divine perfection; even the smallest feather is imbued with beauty and benevolence.”
  • If taken, it cuts the hand that clutches it. If given, it heals the hand that holds it.

Another “piece to the puzzle” is a graphic novel video game called Angel’s Feather based from Japan. The story line involves two twin where the younger fights with use of magic. More information of this can be found below. 

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