An Offer You Can’t Refuse

 photo AnOfferYouCantRefuse_zps28e711ee.jpg


  • Alignment: N/A
  • Attribute: Draw No Group Card This Turn

Suspect Triangle Location(s):

  • Symbols on gun, just under barrel

The phrase “an offer you can’t refuse” is said to come from the movie trilogy of The Godfather where situation is one of two choices: make someone an offer and when they accept they live, or they can refuse and die. This situation can be changed a little by instead of who the offer was brought to being killed, a threat is made to someone else that the individual cares deeply about such as family etc.

Godfather Trilogy

The Godfather Logo

In the movie logo above, it is interesting to note that word “father” is attached to puppet strings in reference of being controlled. At the same time there is a probable double meaning indicating that the “godfather” is the puppet master (one who is being in control).

Also take note about the word “godfather” with it definition obviously first meaning a godparent that someone elects but more to the point the other meaning explains that title is referring to a man who is influential in a movement/organization who supplies support via a leading position. Makes you think about the antichrist’ characteristics and behaviour.

More on the movie can be looked at here: The Godfather – Wikipedia


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