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  • Alignment: N/A
  • Attribute: Requires Action

Suspect Triangle Location(s):

  • N/A

To even begin to understand this some history needs to be explained. For me, when I first began to try and understand this card, and many of the others alike, my question was “Who is Bob?” Bob’s full name is J.R. “Bob” Dobbs or as more commonly know as “Bob”. Bob is the figurehead of the Church of the SubGenius and his image came from a 1950’s clip art image. The dogma of SubGenius states that Bob was a drilling equipment salesman that was revealed a vision of God on a TV set that Bob built himself. This gave Bob the inspiration to write the so called “Prescriptures” which founded the Church of the SubGenius. The theology claims, also, that Bob was the greatest salesman who ever lived while also has been claimed to cheat death several instances. In 1984 at San Francisco, Bob was assassinated. However, the Church of the SubGenius states he has came back from the dead a few times since then. The Church of the SubGenius always spells his name as “Bob” and that is always including the quotes around it too. Below is an image of Bob or “Bob” as the SubGenius put it. (Personally going through these studies I do not find it useful to partake in spelling the person’s name with quotes. They seem to worship this person and treat him as God and for me, as a Christian, would be denying my God and putting other gods before him as stated in the 10 Commandments.) Below is an image of Bob.


J.R. “Bob” Dobbs

Here are some links related to the history of J.R. “Bob” Dobbins:

Wiki – J.R. “Bob” Dobbins

So the next question I had while trying to understand these cards related to this Church of the SubGenius was what exactly is this “church” and what do they do? From wikipedia the Church of the SubGenius is an Amercian parody religion that seems to make fun of other faiths and religions. Their teachings evolve around J.R. “Bob” Dobbs who they seem to see as a prophet. The Church of the SubGenius’ primary deity is called Jehovah 1, however, they have many other deities. Their literature describes a grand conspiracy that seeks to brainwash the world and oppress (control) Dobb’s followers. Ivan Stang is one of the founders of this church.

Here are links the describe more about this organization:

Wiki – Church of the SubGenius

Rational Wiki – Church of the SubGenius

Since some details have been explain to clear up some background history we can now focused on what the card is talking about. This card is focusing on the number 13013. If you have not already noticed, this number looks like the word Bob. As you can see in the card they are actually referring to Bob in the center having Bob’s face being warped into the shape of these numbers in return spelling his name. Note the quotes are there as well.

Looking at it’s this deeper, the number 13 multiplied by the number 1001 results in the number 13013. Both of these numbers have history in numerology. The number 13, as many know, is related with bad luck. The number 1001 is associated with the Arabian Nights, a collection of stories written by Abdul Alhazred prior to writing the Necronomicon. As a result this number, 1001, is closely tied to the Elder God Cthulhu.

Here is a couple other links going over other topics briefly mention with more details:

Number 13 Symbolism

Number 1001 Symbolism

Wikia – 13013



3 comments on “13013

    • This is very interesting. I never heard of the Wow signal before. From just a few little things O have looked at so far it is a nice connection. When 13013 is divided by 303 it produces a repeating decimal number where the result is 42.94715 where 9471 repeats infinitely. Also, I am not sure how much you know on 303, but it seems to be classified as an “angel number” which is the phenomena of number sequences. Interestingly similar, SETI has noticed a strong spike in radio signals from that new sunlike star called HD 164595.

      May I ask how you made the connection of 303 = WOW? Granted, I haven’t read all of that paper you shared yet.

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