Behind Closed Doors

It was just another day and I was on my way to check out a new job. When I arrived the area I was in was a small professional office type service and the room was a bit wider than it was long. There was some sort of public customer interaction with the little business however I was there for a security guard position. I was to sit behind the counter on the employee side in a chair and watch for anything that may obviously be a problem.

The next day I was back unannounced checking into the place that I would be working. I was at a different spot watching from a ways off watching the other security guard there. Everyone seemed to have lockers and he was checking each one of them yet it was a friendly routine and him and the employees were getting along just fine as any other normal day working together. This area had a section where the guard had items specifically available for him of various types of gear. It was then apparent this was not a normal every day security position but one which had something more militarized behind it.

A little later I meet up with the friendly guard behind a building where it seemed he was on a break or lunch eating an apple. The area was dark and grungy almost like an abandoned alley yet had a building or the building walling the front and the sides. As we were talking I realized the area we were at was almost like a very durable trench for a defense purpose. The wall here was just short enough for a man to peer over and remain safe. Two spots sloped down here allowing for a team of two to guard the area if ever needed.

We sat talking there for a few moments and I heard some chains rattling behind us. As though I was looking out of the corner of my eye, I tried to see what was there. It was a section of the building that indented inwards forming three walls boxing in the area. Each wall had a single door and each door had a slot that could be slide open from the inside just enough to look out. I heard the chains rattling again and caught where one of these slots had someone peering out at us. The guard I was there with said something as though he did not do anything to provoke whoever it was that apparently was fixing to come out of the door. The guard was a bit nervous and more of without authority for one with a position to be well supplied and seeming to have some high corporate backing. From one of the doors an older man appeared in a tuxedo and a top hat; his appearance reminded me of the look of a British man of power in the 1800s.

Two women appeared from another direction one was in chains shackled up. The other woman commented, “What do we after our third attempt of trying to kill her?” Something weird was going on. The man in the tuxedo seemed to act as an attorney of sorts. The lady who talked to the attorney took me in back to a room that had wood flooring. In this room was rows of plants and trees with potato sacks keeping the dirt and roots together. She talked to me for a little and I was then able to realize this was the root of this “company” almost function as a professional business racket on the outside yet truly behind closed doors focusing on murdering many people while making their death look innocent and sending to the funerals floral arrangements and the like.