2 comments on “Let’s Call ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ What It Is: Perverted

  1. This vile ‘film’ is really all about indoctrinating the masses into NWO satanic rituals, which involves all this kind of crap. The Illuminati symbolism in the film is astounding; the all-seeing eye, butterflies signifying Monarch mind control…. yeah, they want to produce a load of robots to serve their lucerferian NWO. Didn’t a certain unnamed political figure, heavily involved in all of this, spend a very long time in a US gay bdsm club, before he attended some meeting ? Absolutely repulsive the way these sick monsters think they can transfer their perversions onto the masses.

    • Didn’t know there was symbolism in the movie but I shouldn’t be surprised because that is definitely nothing new. Thank you for the comment and I agree now that you point out how the girl is treated are rituals. I remember watching a video on how satanists sexual molest people and children. Video made me furious not in itself but what it revealed of those “people” do. All that pain and torment gives them a demonically spiritual high. Trying to set aside a rant there.. the mind control concept is plastered everywhere in media. Not sure if you are familiar with something called MKUltra but that is probably one of the many roots leading to the ultimate mind control. The tests were, now that I think of it, very similar to that of satanic where they tortured, sexual violated, etc. the people in the experiment. Now take whatever it is they learned from that, maybe a chemical and how to use trigger words, put the chemical in say our GMO food or water, broadcast a programming feature of stuff in the media on the subconscious level, viola! now the masses are brainwashed and just need say a trigger word or something to finish it off. Whether this is true or not, heard a theory that HAARP could ‘broadcast’ like that.

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